Numerology Cycles for Everyone

I have a confession to make.

I’m a numerologist who isn’t the best when it comes to adding up a few numbers. I know it seems ridiculous, but there it is.

To give myself a break, I created this reference book that has been one of the most useful tools I’ve ever put together for myself. Because I’ve found it so helpful, I wanted to offer it to everyone.

If numerology is your thing, you absolutely need this invaluable tool with pre-calculated numbers for the years 2015-2032.

This is a very helpful at-a-glance resource that allows you to quickly find the number for any birthday every day of the year.

The Personal Year grids list numbers for every birthday of the year.

The Personal Days by months list each cycle’s personal day. Planning an event or meeting with someone? Check your Personal Day number against theirs to see if it’s a mutually beneficial day.

The personal day grids have all the personal days for an entire year for each cycle.

Print the book for easy access. If you like having a physical reference instead of looking up numbers through online calculators or adding them yourself, you’ll find this little book very helpful.

40 Pages includes grids for Personal Years, Months, and Days with a supplement of corresponding colors, planets, and stones for each number 1-9.

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  • The 9 Personal Cycles
  • Universal Year Numbers for 1900-2106
  • Calculating the Personal Cycle
  • Cycles for All Birthdays
    • January Birthdays
    • February Birthdays
    • March Birthdays
    • April Birthdays
    • May Birthdays
    • June Birthdays
    • July Birthdays
    • August Birthdays
    • September Birthdays
    • October Birthdays
    • November Birthdays
    • December Birthdays
  • Personal Months
  • Personal Day Grids
    • Personal Days for January
    • Personal Days for February
    • Personal Days for March
    • Personal Days for April
    • Personal Days for May
    • Personal Days for June
    • Personal Days for July
    • Personal Days for August
    • Personal Days for September
    • Personal Days for October
    • Personal Days for November
    • Personal Days for December
  • Personal Day Grids for Each Cycle
  • Corresponding Colors, Stones, and Planets

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